Blue capricew93434

Inspired by true events, Blue Caprice investigates the notorious and horrific Capital Beltway sniper attacks from the point of view of the two perpetrators, whose distorted father-son relationship facilitated their long and bloody journey across America. Blue Caprice documents the mechanisms that lead its subjects to embrace physical violence. Blue Caprice paints a riveting portrait of early 21st-century America and a haunting depiction of two cold-blooded killers that endures long after the film ends.


  • Tim Blake Nelson . . . . . . Ray
  • Isaiah Washington . . . . .John Allen Muhammad
  • Tequan Richmond . . . . .Lee Boyd Malvo
  • Joey Lauren Adams . . . Jamie
  • Leo Fitzpatrick . . . . . . . Arms Dealer
  • Cassandra Freeman.....Angela

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