Godzilla 2014 Film is a film featuring the King of All Monsters featuring in his ultimate film. But before the film was
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The second Godzilla 2014 teaser poster.

going to be produced Toho had a few companies in order to create it. The Godzilla (1998) Film company, the Legendary (2012) Company, and the Pacific Rim Company, all to give ideas of Godzilla look, Godzilla may be CGI, or in costume, in June 16th 2013, Toho made Godzilla:Encounter, it is a "Ride" where you are on a elevator and see the very first look on the Godzilla, this movie will be created on May 24th 2014. Before the first idea of Godzilla 2014, a random company decided to make Godzilla 3D TO THE MAX, but Toho and others we in favor of Godzilla 2014 only, there are many photos showing a plot of Godzilla 2014, but yet no video's, Toho doesn't want any trailers or video's or they will spoil it, they only show photo's on what the movie will be like, Zilla however, the monster of Godzilla 1998 film, was a failure, Toho themselves decided to rename the creature into Zila, so Toho will keep their rightfully kept name of Godzilla. This movie is a seqeul to Godzilla: Final Wars, but it is still not confired to be a prequel or Sequel.  

The very first Godzilla 2014 Design.


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