These are the rules of the wiki. All rules apply for both Wikia and chat, If you don't follow these rules. you will be kicked, banned, or maybe blocked from this wiki. All mods, Admins, Burecrats, Chat Mods and Rollbacks also follow these rules aswell.

Wikia rules

  • Don't Swear 
  • Be nice on pages
  • Don't spam 
  • Don't put any kind of porn or sexual images on the pages you are making or editing
  • Don't post movie pages that are from the past (This wiki is for movies in 2013 and onward)
  • Don't be rude about any users 

Chat rules 

  • Don't curse 
  • Don't spam 
  • Don't flood chat
  • Be nice to other users
  • Don't link other chats (Do it in PM)
  • Don't link porn images or sexual content)

Please follow these rules. Or you'll be banned, kicked or blocked from both the wiki and the Chat.

Thank you. 

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